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Janice Axelrod

Prior to starting her independent insurance brokerage in 1985, Janice began her insurance career with Mutual Benefit Life in 1981. By 1984, she was recognized as a Top Performer amongst the Junior Associates at State Mutual of America. Janice holds a BS in Design from the University of Cincinnati The College of Design, Architecture and Art and an MS in General Education from the City College of New York.


Terry Savage, a nationally syndicated financial journalist, demonstrated her confidence in our company by introducing Janice Axelrod & Associates at the 2008 WBDC conference as the firm of choice to advise on long term care insurance concerns.


Menuchin Axelrod
Lawrence Fieber

Lawrence started at JAA as a tech consultant before beginning his internship here in 2012 studying the future effects of the Affordable Care Act on the insurance industry.

After graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, he began working at JAA full time. 


Lawrence primarily handles online marketing and IT management. 

Huckleberry Axelrod
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