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Pat Summitt, Hall of Famer Passes away: Only 5 years after Early Onset Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Pat Summitt seemed to be at the top of her career with two Olympic medals and a stellar 1,098 career wins as an NCAA basketball coach.

She was the only woman to be recognized as one of the 50 Greatest Coaches of All Time in All Sports. She faced many challenges throughout her coaching career; however, the biggest challenge she would have to face would be with her own mind. At first she began to “draw blanks”, it soon snowballed into forgetting meetings, and ultimately lead to her inability to coach her own team.

At 59 Pat Summitt was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s - a devastating condition. Sadly she is not alone; there is an estimated 5.1 million Americans ages 65 and older that suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. An estimated three or more Americans provide free and regular care for each diagnosed Alzheimer’s patient nationwide, amounting in 2014 to an estimated value of $217.7 billion – a number that is expected to nearly triple in 2050 as the amount of cases increase.

In her book "Sum it Up", she illustrates how she fought and then accepted her diagnosis, which changed not only her life, but also her families as they cared for her as her condition progressed.

In June 2016 Pat Summitt passed away, her Foundation continues to provide awareness, research, and raise support for free caregivers, who are profoundly impacted when Alzheimer’s disease strikes their family members.

Her story truly highlights the devastating effect early onset Alzheimer’s has for the patient and the family.

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